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New at my Etsy Store – Vintage Jewelry!


Still in time to order for the holidays, I’m now offering lovely vintage jewelry for sale at my Etsy store! Check out all that’s for sale by clicking here.

And don’t forget – everything is still 25% off from now through Christmas, with free shipping on orders over $50! Jewelry and scarves are fool-proof gift ideas for the one-of-a-kind vintage loving lady in your life (especially if that lady is you!).


Hell yeah, it’s a holiday sale!



Party on! Right now, everything in my shop is 25% off, which is a great start to a happy holidays for you and the vintage lovers in your life! Better still, all orders of $50 and more get FREE SHIPPING within the US!

Treat yourself to holiday gems, like this early 1960s mink trimmed suit.

Was $145.00, now only $109.00!

Or this warm and stylish velvet and tweed cape from Raymond of London!

Was $70.00, now only $52.50!

Turn up the holiday bling in this Victoria Royal sweater:

Regular price $29.99, now only $22.50

Splurge on yourself with this incredible and rare 1950s/60s Louisa Spagnoli dress:

Regular $175.00, now only $130.00

Or show off a perky pink version of holiday cheer in this Lilli Diamond party dress!

Marked down from $50.00 to only $37.50

There’s no wrong way to save money, and it’s not naughty to be nice to yourself! So give the gift of vintage – scarves and handbags are a great one-size-fits all stocking stuffer, and you can always find something in your size (no matter large or small!) and start dropping links and hints on your Secret Santa!

So get shopping already!

Guess who’s back!

I’m back, from outer space! (or, from Alabama.)

So, about all that blogging I was planning on doing on the joys of costuming? Didn’t happen. For the last couple months, I’ve been so busy I barely had time to keep up with my email, much less my blog. But, I had a great time in spite of the stress and challenges, and most importantly, the show looked FANTASTIC. I know I am a bit biased, but the costumes were excellent and the cast looked gorgeous.

And now, life is back to normal.

Which means that my Etsy shop is back to normal, too! Most importantly, my shipping schedule is back to normal. I have about a million new things to post, so check back here or at my store for the latest. Expect a major sale in the very near future, as well – it’s a little late for spring cleaning (at least in Florida, anyway), but I’m ready to clean house all the same! I will, of course, post all about it when the time comes.

I feel like I’m slowly reacquainting myself with the internet at large – I’ve had such limited time to keep myself informed about the fashion world and what’s going on in the realm of vintage clothes. Here are a few things that caught my eye of late:

Couture Allure’s 4 part series looking at the designs of Luis Estevez – so gorgeous:

1960 Part 1

1960 Part 2

1961 Part 1

1961 Part 2

The Sartorialist has been running a vintage photo contest, with some really stunning selections. They’re peppered throughout his blog, but check out some of my favorites:

“With the Boys”



“Alejandro & Mom”

Michelle Obama in Peter Soronen, on Mrs. O:

She’s so pretty! Click the picture for the full link, with more shots of this beautiful ensemble.

The FIDM Museum Blog posted a great interview with Deborah Cook, costume designer for the animated film Coraline: read it here.

That’s all for now. I’m glad to be back! Don’t forget to check out my Etsy shop for pretty vintage things!

Big News! Etsy Shipping Schedule Changes and More

Until further notice, due to my recent schedule changes, I am only going to be shipping out Etsy orders once a week, on Mondays. For more information about what this means, read my full shipping policy. To shop my store for vintage goodies, click here!

Why the change, you (probably didn’t) ask? For the next few weeks, I’m going to be assisting a costume designer with the creation of a wardrobe for a musical at a University out of state. I’ll only be home on the weekends, hence the packing and shipping everything Monday on my way out of town. I’m pretty darn excited for the opportunity, if not the commute! Hopefully I’ll be able to update my blog here and there – the show spans the late 1940s/early 1950s, so my brain will be all stuffed with retro clothing styles. There’s bound to be something interesting enough to blog about in there.

Regardless of my blogging frequency, which is unreliable at best, I will definitely have access to my email on a regular basis – so any questions or convos sent to me on Etsy will be answered promptly. Like I say on my policies page, I will try to make exceptions where I can if anyone absolutely must-have something quicker than what my shipping schedule will allow.

Anyway, I’m off to pack. Shouldn’t be too hard to prepare for the week ahead – let’s hear it for the costumers’ uniform of black clothes, a chain of safety pins trailing off the shirt, tape measure scarf, and a pencil in the hair!

Cheap Vintage Stuff! New Markdowns on Etsy

I’m going from non-existent to friggin’ prolific. Two blog posts in one day! What is the world coming to? But enough about my avalanche of motivation – there’s cheap stuff to be had.

Look @ the Sale section on Heavenly Vintage!

Here’s a sampling of the recent markdowns:

Mondi Scarf
40% off this red silk scarf from German fashion house Mondi – Regular $13.00, now only $8.00

Miss Hong Dress
50% off this celery green XL shirtwaist sheath dress – Regular $22.00, now $11.00

Fabrice Dress
25% off this rare Fabrice beaded pop art mini dress – Regular $60.00, now $45.00

Dior Track Jacket
30% off this vintage track jacket from Christian Dior Le Connaisseur – Regular $25.00, now $17.50

Miss Elliette Dress
25% off this fabulous floral 60s gown from Miss Elliette – Regular $45.00, now $33.00

50% off this slinky disco wrap dress from Abe Schrader – Regular $25.00, now $12.50

But wait – there’s more! No, really, there are more good deals in my Etsy store. And, since I’m a productivity train that just can’t stop, expect to see more lowered prices in addition to new items very soon.

New On Etsy

Lots of New Stuff @ Heavenly Vintage!

Well, guess who decided to finally come back from her vacation and get some work done. Click the pics below to look at all the pretty new shinies on Etsy – and there’s more to come, so check back soon!

Dots Secretary Dress
Pop Art Mod 90s Bodycon Dress 60s Dress by Alan Phillips for Jeremy
Tori Richard Fritzi of California
Tori Richard Atomic Tiki Maxi Fritzi of California Sexy Secretary Blouse
Kasper ASL Kilt
80s Minimalist Chic Sheath Dress Bannockbane Tartan Wool Kilt
Catalina Mehndi
60s Catalina Swimsuit Cover Up Maxi Indian Mehndi Print Curvy Sheath Dress

Sh!t I Can’t Afford Sunday – Velvet Edition

The holidays make me crave velvet. And rum-spiked eggnog, but that’s another story. Anyway, I’ve rounded up a few pieces that are making me consider a North Pole hostile takeover scheme – I’m assuming there must be elves up there with the sewing capabilities of a Hong Kong bespoke tailor – so that Santa and I can discuss my Christmas list face to face. Starting with this piece from my imaginary boyfriend Alexander McQueen (we’re very in love):

Seriously, you guys. This. Dress. It’s killing me. I want it so hard. I keep trying to think of something clever to say about it but I’m getting stymied by the fact that every time I look at it, my heart aches in a manner normally induced by surprised kittens and Welsh Corgi puppies. Here’s more pictures; weep with me:
Red McqueenRed Mcqueen
images from Alexander McQueen
Now burst into tears, because it costs $3,395.00 oh no wait it’s on sale for $2,039.00.
Ugh. I can’t even talk about this one. Moving on.
Because I’m a glutton for punishment, here’s another McQueen piece. This time in navy, and cocktail length, but still with the 30s inspired silk velvet drape.
Alexander Mcqueen BlueAlexander Mcqueen Blue
images from Net-A-Porter
This one’s on Net-a-Porter, for the low, low price of $1,638. Merry Christmas, everybody! You don’t own this dress.
You also probably don’t own this dress from Diane Von Fursternberg, but it’s at least slightly more attainable at $325.00.
images from Net-A-Porter
While it’s out of my price range, it’s juuuust close enough to where it’s got me considering credit cards and limits and payment plans. I’m either going to need more or less rum – and fast – or I’m going to get into trouble.
On the vintage side of things, I need this in my life:
1920s Opera Coat
image from Unforgettable Vintage
From Unforgettable Vintage on Etsy, this reversible velvet and metallic brocade opera coat from the 1920s will set you back 1,400 bucks, but my goodness! Unforgettable, indeed!

Well, with my amazon.com wish list updated and the ninth commandment well and thoroughly broken (that’s the one about coveting your neighbor’s ass, ya’ll), I’m going to bring this to a close. I have a few red velvet Christmas bows left over from decorating, so I think I’ll go stick them to my head and pretend to be glamorous. Til next time!

25% Off Storewide @ My Etsy Shop

Link: 25% Off Storewide – My Etsy Shop
From now through Sunday December 6, take 25% off everything, store wide, at my Etsy store!
Just in time for last minute holiday shopping for yourself or loved ones.

New on Etsy – Givenchy Peignoir Gown and Robe

Link: New on Etsy – Givenchy Peignoir Gown and Robe

Ooh la la!
This lovely peignoir set is from the classic Givenchy label. It consists of a long night gown, and a matching belted robe.
The gown features floral eyelet embroidery on the…

On Etsy – Escada Faux Python Loafers

Link: On Etsy – Escada Faux Python Loafers

These terrific moccasins are made in Italy by the famous Escada fashion house. They’re done in sky blue faux python and feature criss-cross top stitching. There’s a gold double “E”…