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My Cinderella Manicure

So here’s my confession: I LOVE nail polish. Seriously, majorly love it. Some might say I’m addicted to it, to which I would reply, “Yeah, so?” I’m a dedicated reader of Scrangie, All Lacquered Up, Polish or Perish, Vampy Varnish,  and all the other ladies in the nail polish swatch-and-review blogging circle. They’ve inspired me to start showing off my manicures!

I couldn’t resist starting with this one:

Cinderella Manicure

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This mani consists of 2 coats of Avon Nailwear Pro in Vintage Blue, with 2 coats of Confetti’s Ice Ice Baby over the top. It’s finished off with 2 coats of Seche Vite, the best-est ever for an ultra gloss top coat.

I wore just the Vintage Blue for a couple days and LOVED it – Avon’s formulas apply like a dream and dry quickly. This color, a cream, went on smoothly without the gloopy unevenness and streakiness that creams are prone to.

Ice Ice Baby is what I would consider a base standard for an iridescent clear glitter – not as exciting as some, but classic and lovely. The iridescence ranges from pink in indirect light through to greens and blues. Here’s another picture for more glitter detail:

Cinderella Manicure

Ooh sparkly...

Isn’t it pretty? I’m calling it my Cinderella manicure, because it reminds me of the Disney Princess and her beautiful blue gown!


Yeah, yeah, blah blah blah, home by midnight, I'm listening. Have you SEEN this dress?!


What time is it? Daddy, a watch doesn't really go with this outfit.

Let’s see: blue, twinkly, feminine, and sweet. Sounds like Cinderella to me!

I think I’ll see which other Princesses I can distill into manicure form – it’ll make me feel like I’m polishing for a purpose – and if the results are good, I’ll post them here!