David Bowie Interviews Alexander McQueen; Dazed Magazine 1996

David Bowie wearing a coat by McQueen for 1997's Earthling

Dazed magazine posted an interview done in 1996 of the late Alexander McQueen by the the Sovereign himself, David Bowie. The two famously collaborated early in McQueen’s career, notably for Bowie’s Earthling tour which featured costumes like the fabulous Union Jack coat pictured above. At the time of the interview, the two had never met in person despite having worked together for over a year. Some highlights…

…on working in the corporate fashion world:

DB: So how are you going to work in these circumstances [at Givenchy]? Do you feel as though you’re going to have rules and parameters placed on you, or what?
AM: Well, yeah, but you know I can only do it the way I do it. That’s why they chose me and if they can’t accept that, they’ll have to get someone else. They’re going to have no choice at the end of the day because I work to my own laws and requirements, not anyone’s else’s. I sound a bit like yourself!

…a wicked ice-burn on Armani:

DB: Armani says, ‘Fashion is dead’.
AM: Oh, so is he… I mean, God…

…the inevitable “isn’t that sad in the wake of his recent suicide” quote:

DB: Do you think of clothes themselves as being a way of torturing society?
AM: I don’t put such an importance on clothes, anyway. I mean at the end of the day they are, after all, just clothes and I can’t cure the world of illness with clothes. I just try to make the person that’s wearing them feel more confident in themselves because I am so unconfident. I’m really insecure in a lot of ways and I suppose my confidence comes out in the clothes I design anyway. I’m very insecure as a person.

I am an embarrassingly big fan of David Bowie, and this blog should leave no question of my devotion and love of all things McQueen, so any conversation between the two is kind of like porn for me. Too bad it was conducted over the phone, and therefore didn’t result in any charming photo ops of the two laughing at each others’ charms over a spot of tea, or whatever British people do when they assemble in groups. Cricket, maybe? Now those would be some cute pictures.

Read it all on Dazed Digital; link via Fashionista.


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