Alexander McQueen on Charlie Rose

Boing Boing points out a recent episode of Charlie Rose that features a replay of a 1997 interview with recently deceased Lee McQueen.

The interview with McQueen is heartbreaking, but enlightening. I love what he has to say about his ideal woman as strong and independent, not naive. He says, “I don’t like her to look as though she could be taken advantage of.” He also talks briefly about his much maligned tenure at Givenchy with a charming sort of cheek – “I think it put most people in a coma,” he says in regards to accepting the position of head designer.

But there are moments in the interview that hint, perhaps, at some of the personal struggles that might have led to his recent suicide. When Charlie Rose asks how hard he has worked, McQueen replies, “Too hard,” with no hesitation.

“Sometimes you sit back, and you wonder what you’re doing it for,” he says.

Later, Lee McQueen laughs as he says, “I can never go through this again. Once is enough.”

How sad.

On a less dark note, the round table discussion preceding the McQueen interview is quite interesting – it’s long, but touches on great points regarding fashion as a business versus fashion as a “dream”. Designer Narciso Rodriguez, NYT’s Cathy Horyn, J Crew CEO Millard Drexler, and Elle Magazine’s Roberta Myers all have interesting things to say, and their perspectives from all different points of the industry – design, retail, magazines, and newspapers – provide for a well-rounded discussion. Watch it if you have the time.

See the full clip here, on Hulu. The 1997 interview with McQueen starts at around 45 minutes in.

Original link via Boing Boing.


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