Cover Girl Tina Fey Talks Fashion for Vogue

Link: Tina Fey Opens Up to Vogue’s Johnathan Van Meter…

The hilarious and lovely Tina Fey has been photographed by Mario Testino for the cover of this month’s Vogue magazine. Johnathan Van Meter talks with the refreshingly normal superstar in a great piece that talks about fashion, feminism, and boob tape.

Some highlights…

…on being normal:

“I don’t fit the mold,” she says. “In this country, success usually happens when you are 22 and six feet tall…I feel like I represent normalcy in some way. What are your choices today in entertainment? People either represent youth, power, or sexuality. And then there’s me, carrying normalcy.”

…on white denim:

One day when Fey was in high school, she went to the Springfield Mall with her friend Sandee and came upon an outfit that spoke to her inner bad girl. “Talk about the power of clothes to make you feel like more than you are,” she says as if she had just tried the outfit on this morning. “It was a white denim suit: a fitted skirt above the knee, and then the top was a jacket with a turned-up collar that you could zip all the way up. It probably had three-quarter sleeves, and it was very fitted through the waist. I remember thinking, I look fantastic in this. I have really come into my own in my white denim suit.”

…on fashion shows:

“I get invited to fashion shows,” says Fey, “but I feel like I’d get busted if I went to them. People would be like, Who you tryin’ to be?”

…on fashion and feminism:

“I spend most of my time in my daily life trying to be like a fashion noncombatant. My hands are up! I’m not even trying! That said, to talk about the impact of fashion is really interesting. I think so much of it is tied into feminism. I am a post-baby boomer who has been handed a sort of Spice Girls’ version of feminism. We’re supposed to be wearing half-shirts and jumping around. And, you know, maybe that’s not panning out. But you can tell different generations of women by whether or not they wear that Hillary Clinton blue power suit or the reappropriated Playboy-symbol necklace worn ironically. I think women dress for other women to let them know what their deal is. Because if women were only dressing for men, there would be nothing but Victoria’s Secret. There would be no Dior.”

Check out the whole article on Tina Fey’s outlook on femininity, fashion, and body image are so charmingly realistic and straightforward; I know it’s been said a thousand times but she really is a fantastic role model for women of all ages. And she’s pretty damn funny, to boot.

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2 responses to “Cover Girl Tina Fey Talks Fashion for Vogue

  1. tina fey a good roll model? maybe if you want girls to grow up to be sinners and harlots! sarah palin is a mucch better role model, she understands that god and guns are what make this nation great!

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