Link Explosion – Dialing it in for the New Year

My natural laziness and the holiday blitz have conspired to keep me away from blogging recently, and in fact are still conspiring to keep me from doing any meaningful blogging now. Instead I’ve compiled a link-tastic link-splosion of deliciously linky links to the fashion-related whatnot that’s caught my eye of late. By badly generalized category, let’s begin with…


image from Fucked at the Ballet

Go get Fucked at the Ballet! It’s a smart(ass) blog for smart(ass) dancers, written by my homegirl. Read it if you are a dancer, if you were a dancer, if you are dating a dancer, or if you watched Center Stage and have since been tempted to end all arguments by rudely declaring, “I am the best goddamn dancer at the American Ballet Academy. Who the hell are you? Nobody.”


The New York Times explains how Prada (and others) don’t know how to use these mysterious inter-nets; and did you know Alexander McQueen did a live broadcast of his most recent runway show? Had you heard that mentioned before? Maybe once, or twice, or all the goddamn time?

The New York Times would also like to know if you have heard of these “fashion bloggers”? The fashion industry has!

image from Gawker

Gawker has, too, in this hilariously spot-on rebuttal to the above NYT article. They say it better than I could, so go read theirs and imagine me saying, “Yeah, uh huh, exactly that!” at the end.


Mad Men provides fodder for yet another fashion related article; this time for aspiring Roger Sterlings and the re-emergence of the well dressed young man, specifically in contrast to the particularly unfashionable older generation. My dad’s style icon is Brett Favre, so yeah, this article is pretty spot on.

image from FIDM Museum & Galleries

The FIDM Museum & Galleries blog serves up some tasty 70s Marimekko treats. This blog is always full of both eye and brain candy, and I adore Marimekko anything. Yum yum yum!

Lizzie at The Vintage Traveler posted
an interview with Theresa LeQuay, a vintage pattern collector and designer. It’s a great piece that combines a few of my favorite things – sewing, designing, and collecting vintage.


image via The Glossy

The Glossy has pictures of Balenciaga’s Spring 06 collection, illuminated over glowing mannequins that highlight their impeccable design and fantastically sculptural shapes. The photos were taken for Pop Magazine, because I apparently needed an excuse to hunt down one more overpriced, picture heavy fashion mag for my ever-expanding stash.

image via

Worn Through looks at some of Sandra Backlund’s mind blowing knit designs. Bonus points for the picture of glamorous alien Tilda Swinton looking like one of the yarn people of Nylar 4 (and double bonus points to you if you catch that reference).

An all-too-quick look into the workshop/laboratory of Maison Martin Margiela. Anybody that’s ever saved an innocuous piece of junk from a trash can, and then fired up the hot glue gun with the intention of gluing that piece of junk to another piece of junk to create a new, larger, more creative piece of junk, wishes that they got these kind of results. It’s really the highest attainable state for every duct-tape-prom-dress-wearing-crafty-so-and-so that ever dreamed the dream of making something from nothing. Myself included, minus the duct tape prom dress.

image via The Pipeline

The Pipeline on Refinery29 shows off hand made papercut origami wig hats. So pretty. I haven’t even gotten into my eternal and abiding love for all things origami on this blog, but suffice to say, origami FTW.

Those links should keep you busy for a while – at least long enough for me to cowboy up and get back on the blogging train. In the meantime, continue to enjoy the last dregs of your holiday season, and enjoy your new year with tidings of comfort, joy, and all the cheap champagne you can get your grubby paws on, you lush.


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