Sh!t I Apparently Can Afford Sunday – Rodarte for Target

It’s a special edition of “Sh!t I Can’t Afford Sunday” today! For this week only, this feature is going to be more aptly titled “Sh!t I Apparently Can Afford Sunday.” Why the change? Did I finally get around to hocking my kidney on the black market and now find myself slightly lighter and considerably wealthier? Nah, nothing so dramatic. But today is the day the Rodarte collection debuted for sale at Target stores and online, and instead of bitching about things I can’t buy, I decided to go test the limits of my credit card and do a little shopping.

It was fun! Unlike in NYC, nobody in my podunk-ass Target was giving the collection more than a passing glance. Fine for me; I got my absolute pick of the lot. I am normally a bit color shy, but I decided to just go balls-to-the-wall (for me) and get the mustard yellow lace cardigan and skirt, and gosh darn it, I like it!

Rodarte Mustard

And at around $30 bucks a piece, it definitely didn’t break the bank.

I was surprised at how cute this sequinned snow leopard print dress looked on me. So I bought it, too!

Rodarte Leopard

This whole collection is really quite pretty. The flirty, feminine dresses weren’t really my style, but even the girliest of them looked better on than I thought they would. The excesses of tulle evoked classical ballet tutus without making you feel like you’d be coughing up netting after a night out. I’m pleased with the fit and sizing, as well. The dresses and skirts were short enough to be sassy without showing off all your lady parts, and the cardigans and tops hit at a very flattering place on my figure.

The only thing I’m bummed about is that the Target I was shopping at didn’t have any of the accessories. I was really wanting to get the belt in (at least) black, and of course, they’re already sold out online. Wicked bummer! Altogether, though, the collection available in my store was pretty thorough – a couple pieces were not available (notably, the ribcage dress – which I probably wouldn’t have bought, but at least wanted to try on), but they compensated by including pieces I hadn’t seen featured in the pre-release photos.

One of the ones I hadn’t seen was the pretty printed raincoat.

I bought it, because god knows it’s rainy enough in Florida to justify it many times over. It’s super lightweight, so it should be good through the summer (well…most of the summer, anyway). And it comes with its own bag; how cute is that?

Job well done all around, today. Kudos to Rodarte for a nicely designed, very wearable collection, and kudos to Target for doing this whole “designer stuff for cheap” thing. I went to town on the McQ collection last year; and I’ll probably do the same for the Zac Posen line coming up next year. Finally, kudos to me! I think I deserve it, for the blissful buying coma I managed to put myself in for the rest of the day. It’ll be business as usual next week with a showcase of coveted clothing I can’t afford, but for accuracy’s sake, I may have to change the title to “Sh!t I Could Have Afforded If I Hadn’t Blown A Lot Of Money On Rodarte For Target Stuff.”

Images from The Cut.
Shop (what’s left of) the Rodarte for Target collection online here.


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