Dressing the Vintage Man (part one: fitting suits; mustaches optional)

Men Cover
Hey, bro! Tom Selleck called! He wants his musta…oh, wait…no, hang on…sorry, he says he wants to know where you got your suit. My bad, I got my messages mixed up. It’s my first day; I’m just a temp.

I picked up this little gem at a thrift store a while back, and just recently got around to scanning in the photos. It’s called “Sewing for Men and Boys,” with a copyright date of 1973, and it has a lot of practical advice in regards to its creatively named title. It also has some hilariously dated pictures of dudes, and some fashion ensembles that make me feel a little funny because I think they might have gone right around the bend of being “so retro it hurts” into the territory of “possibly wearable today, by the right man in the right situation with the right attitude.” I’m going to use these pics as blog fodder over a series of a few posts, mainly because I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with the potency of the doubleknit polyester that’s to come. You can click the “Dressing the Vintage Man” tag at the bottom of this post to list the whole series.

But first, we’ve got a mustache to discuss:

Click for bigger. Bigger moustache, that is!

If anyone is able to get past the ferret sleeping on this dapper dude’s face, you might actually notice that the suit is pretty slick, if slightly dated. I’m a real sucker for a pinstripe, but it definitely takes a certain amount of je ne sais quoi* in the je ne sais où** to go for the stripe-on-stripe-on-stripe trifecta for the suit, shirt, and tie (and is that a polka dot pocket square? be still, my heart). Overall, I think if this guy were coming on to me at a bar (smelling like the bucket seat in an Alfa Romeo and ordering me Harvey Wallbanger after Harvey Wallbanger), I would give the 3-punch combo of his Fruit Stripe ensemble a thumbs up, and at the very least, a big fat E for effort. Right before the GHB kicked in and I fell off my barstool.

Whether or not the suit is to your taste, I think the fitting advice is still pretty solid. We may not have a lot of use for info about bell bottom trousers for men, but if one is so inclined to wear them, at least he now knows the guidelines for the way they ought to fit.

I’ll let everyone mull over this sartorial splendor and practical advice for now, and we’ll revisit this time capsule soon. Discuss amongst yourself if you mentally used the term “Italian Stallion” while gazing at our be-facial-haired model above.



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