Sh!t I Can’t Afford Sunday – Velvet Edition

The holidays make me crave velvet. And rum-spiked eggnog, but that’s another story. Anyway, I’ve rounded up a few pieces that are making me consider a North Pole hostile takeover scheme – I’m assuming there must be elves up there with the sewing capabilities of a Hong Kong bespoke tailor – so that Santa and I can discuss my Christmas list face to face. Starting with this piece from my imaginary boyfriend Alexander McQueen (we’re very in love):

Seriously, you guys. This. Dress. It’s killing me. I want it so hard. I keep trying to think of something clever to say about it but I’m getting stymied by the fact that every time I look at it, my heart aches in a manner normally induced by surprised kittens and Welsh Corgi puppies. Here’s more pictures; weep with me:
Red McqueenRed Mcqueen
images from Alexander McQueen
Now burst into tears, because it costs $3,395.00 oh no wait it’s on sale for $2,039.00.
Ugh. I can’t even talk about this one. Moving on.
Because I’m a glutton for punishment, here’s another McQueen piece. This time in navy, and cocktail length, but still with the 30s inspired silk velvet drape.
Alexander Mcqueen BlueAlexander Mcqueen Blue
images from Net-A-Porter
This one’s on Net-a-Porter, for the low, low price of $1,638. Merry Christmas, everybody! You don’t own this dress.
You also probably don’t own this dress from Diane Von Fursternberg, but it’s at least slightly more attainable at $325.00.
images from Net-A-Porter
While it’s out of my price range, it’s juuuust close enough to where it’s got me considering credit cards and limits and payment plans. I’m either going to need more or less rum – and fast – or I’m going to get into trouble.
On the vintage side of things, I need this in my life:
1920s Opera Coat
image from Unforgettable Vintage
From Unforgettable Vintage on Etsy, this reversible velvet and metallic brocade opera coat from the 1920s will set you back 1,400 bucks, but my goodness! Unforgettable, indeed!

Well, with my wish list updated and the ninth commandment well and thoroughly broken (that’s the one about coveting your neighbor’s ass, ya’ll), I’m going to bring this to a close. I have a few red velvet Christmas bows left over from decorating, so I think I’ll go stick them to my head and pretend to be glamorous. Til next time!


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