Holiday Books – Fashion Photography Books

Link: Holiday Books – Fashion Photography Books

“Fashion,” she observed, “has become something that is almost entirely visual — that is, photographic. As fashion becomes pure appearance, it finds its perfect summing-up in photographs.”

The New York Times showcases the new book AVEDON FASHION: 1944-2000, for those of us who like owning objects with bindings and pages but really don’t care for things like words cluttering up the joint. It contains a collection of fashion photographer Richard Avedon’s work and is a sure bet for making any aesthetically obsessed person on your holiday shopping list very happy (are you reading this, mom?).

Also on the NYT’s book list is THE WORLD IN VOGUE: People, Parties, Places, which is a collection of people richer than you doing things far and away more glamorous than you could ever aspire to, while looking better than you would in clothes you will never afford. So, the feel good pick-me-up best selling inspirational hit of the season, I’m sure.

If you pick up a copy, let me know how much nicer it is to look at the A-listers, jet-setters, and society types after you give them pirate mustaches and X’s over their eyes. You can find inspiration here, at the Gallery of Distinctive Facial Hair, and ensure that no two socialites are caught at an event wearing *gasp* the same set of friendly mutton chops! What a faux pas! Quel dommage! Mon dieu! Friccasee! Laissez-faire!

…I, uh…I don’t really speak French. I hope you couldn’t tell.


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