"Go Dye in a Fire", and Other Tie Dye Related Puns

Over on Style.com, they’re having a peek at tie dye as it pops up on current runways. It always begs the question, are we tired of tie dye? I think the short answer is “no”, when it shows up looking like this:
Blumarine Lela Rose
Indeed, if all tie dye contained the elegant drape of this Blumarine maxi or the clever design of a Lela Rose dress, we probably wouldn’t even have to ask the question every time designers get the urge to get all Jerry Garcia on us.
Tie dye seems to be one of those things that looks great on the top of the fashion design pyramid. But as it trickles down through cheaper and cheaper interations in so many rainbow colored rivulets, it loses its bohemian charm and comes out looking more like this:
Lookin' good, gramps
Or…well…anyway, you get the idea.
I have a long, multi-colored tie dye skirt, and on the hanger, it looks like it should be in the same vein as the pretty Blumarine number pictured above (above the not-yet-Gratefully Dead Grandad, I mean). Somehow, though, when I go to wear this skirt, I turn into this lady:
Whoa Momma
How does that work? Some form of dirty hippie magic, I suspect.
As with many things, those who can, should. If you can pull off the flower child look while avoiding the slippery slope of music festival subculture, it looks like you’ve got some great options from the likes of Rodarte, Proenza Schouler, and others. But get ready, because these guys are definitely going to hit on you.
Pantsless HippieNice Rack
dibs on the one with the nice rack
Make sure you leave the price tags on – bold demonstrations of consumerism may be your only ward against the advances of these patchouli soaked Lotharios.


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