Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘It’ Helmets Are Finally for Sale in Stores — The Cut

Link: Karl Lagerfeld’s ‘It’ Helmets Are Finally for Sale in Stores — The Cut

Meow Très Chic
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For his fall 2009 namesake collection, Karl Lagerfeld created what are probably the most fabulous scooter helmets of all time, which came encrusted with pearls and covered in mink…At long last, they are in stores, just in time for holiday shopping! Les Ateliers Ruby made only twelve of the couture helmets…Find them at Colette in Paris, of course, and at other specialty retailers, for just $1,805 to $6,837.

In the grand scheme of sartorial sh!t I can’t afford, it’s a bit refreshing to find things I wouldn’t buy even if I could. If I were a dead mink looking down from mink heaven to see what became of my mortal coil, I would be so disappointed to find myself covered in pearls and strapped to the top of a stupid trollop’s scooter helmet.
I suppose I can appreciate it from a sort of fashion-as-art/extravagance-becomes-foolishness sort of statement piece angle, but not much further. I can’t help but thinking that if I woke up from some materialistic binge to find my head encased in boxing pads and looking like Marvin the Martian’s rich Jewish aunt, at least I wouldn’t give myself a concussion while banging my head repeatedly into a wall as punishment for my fiscal irresponsibility.


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