Audrey Hepburn Auction Coming Soon!

Link: Audrey Hepburn Auction Coming Soon!


This cache of clothes…comes up for sale at auction next week.

“They chart her rise to fame from rags to riches,” says Kerry Taylor, curator of the “Passion for Fashion” sale. The Audrey Hepburn collection goes under the hammer in London on Dec. 8, after a touring exhibition in association with Sotheby’s.
The sale is fueled by the power of celebrity and the benediction of Hepburn’s elder son, Sean Ferrer, as well as of Hubert de Givenchy, her favorite couturier, who says: “Everything about Audrey touches me — and if anyone asks me for help, I will always give it.”

Sharing a first name with Audrey Hepburn endeared the late actress to me from an early age. My love was only strengthened when, as a teenager, I discovered her legacy as a fashion icon and muse. Apparently it takes something more than a moniker to imbue one with doe-eyed pixie charm, but I’m happy to be in any sort of company with such a timeless star as her.

The Hepburn collection doesn’t comprise the half of the contents of this auction, either. There’s an enormous variety going on the block – check out the contents here if you’re in the mood to kill a lot of time and drool on your keyboard. This gown from Schiaparelli pushed me over the edge:


Isn’t it fabulous? Would that I could give it a proper home. Once I starved myself down to the 24 inch waist the dress requires, I dare say I’d never take it off! I would be the foxiest lady at the grocery store, that’s for sure.

This auction seems like a vintage collector’s dream. I’ll have to settle for my slightly less tangible connection to Hepburn, and keep my visions of haute couture Givenchys and Schiaparellis as a pleasant fantasy!

…unless, do you think they give discounts to people named Audrey? I think that’s only fair!


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