Awesome Etsy Headquarters Tour

Link: Awesome Etsy Headquarters Tour

Etsy is an e-commerce hub for buyers and sellers of handmade goods, vintage goods, and art supplies.

Etsy’s 2009 gross merchandise sales reached $130 million at the end of October — up from $88 million over all of 2008 (and up from $26 million in 2007).

Other than maybe Portland or Austin, the only suitable place for Etsy’s headquarters is exactly where it is: Brooklyn.

This week we stopped by Etsy’s Brooklyn headquaters office with our camera in tow. As soon as you see the pictures you’ll see what we mean. (A hint: They keep a t-shirt press in the break room.)


I have to share this tour through Etsy’s Brooklyn headquarters. Working for a company like Etsy must have its ups and downs like any other job, but it seems like it’d be fantastic to spend your days in an environment that encourages creativity.

I’ve only been selling on Etsy for a couple months now (Check it out! Vintage clothes! Go go go!), but so far it’s been a great experience. Far preferable to the hustle that eBay has become – although I’m still on eBay sometimes so I can’t rag on it too hard.

Anyway, click through the pictures and then get sad about what your workplace looks like!


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