Scott Schuman, the man best known as The Sartorialist, was kind enough to appear on my public radio show, The Sound of Young America, to talk about his life and work.

Who doesn’t love all things Sartorialist related? Give this a listen if you have the time; it’s an excellent interview.

Two things in particular I liked: first, Schuman briefly touches on the difference between fashion and style. It’s an important distinction to make, and the Sartorialist’s eye for style is most definitely what sets him above other fashion photographers. Schuman’s photos are always less about any one piece his subjects are wearing, but rather, about great combinations of color, texture, and design. They’re portraits, rather than advertisements, and those of us with limited clothing budgets can take notes and draw inspiration without having to feel more than the cursory pangs of envy at the sight of long legs in $1200 heels. Secondly, I love his remarks on aging gracefully instead of trying to stay young. I know I’m one of many people who look the Sartorialist’s portraits of older ladies and gents and thinks, “Ooh, I hope I look that good someday!” Apparently Schuman says the same thing to himself.

Oh, and half-smoked cigarettes and rolled up pants? I quit smoking a while ago, and blah blah blah cancer-schmancer, believe me, I know…but I still can’t help but think that any look is improved by a stylishly smoldering cigarette. Cue the nicotine craving.


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